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Due to the recent closure of school, we will be updating this page with work / ideas and support materials to ensure children have access to learning.

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Work Packs (click on the link below)

Year 3 & 4

Year 3 & 4 Workbook 2 - 2nd April 2020

Year 3 & 4 Workbook 3 - May 2020

Year 5

Year 5 Workbook 2

Year 6

Year 6 Workbook 2


Click this link to load our first online School assembly. Remember to subscribe to the School You Tube account whilst you are there.

Click Here for Assembly 2 - Monday 30th March 

Click Here for Assembly 3 - Monday 6th April

Click Here for our Easter Raffle - Wednesday 15th April 

Click Here for Assembly 4 - Monday 20th April (including the staff toilet roll challenge and 'look through the classroom'! 

Click Here for Assembly 5- Monday 4th May 

Link to Easter Holiday Activities

Internet Sites

Key Learning Websites

BBC Resources

Commencing on 20 April, the start of the summer term for most children, BBC Bitesize Daily, as the service will be called will deliver a tailored day of learning across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds, with curriculum relevant offers across the UK. Together, this comprehensive package (including daily lessons) is aimed at minimising disruption to children’s education and providing rhythm and routine in these challenging times. Click here to access their website

Click this link to load a PDF with a variety of useful website links to help support learning at home.                               

 Please remember our Year 6 children have access to SATs Companion. Click this link to access the pupil login page.            


You can access Times Table Rock stars using this link  https://ttrockstars.com/

Click this link to access the 'My Mini Maths' website, which has useful tutorials and year group allocated worksheets.

Click this link to access a variety of activities and problems on the NRICH website.

Click this link to access 'hit the button' a great game that tests speed and knowledge.

Click this link to access the 'Topmarks' website which offers lots of games in all the areas of maths.

Click this link to access BBC bitesize a fantastic website with games, tutorials and activities to complete.

Click this link to access the Third Space Learning Maths Hub, which has lots of free resources.

Click this link to access the White Rose maths home learning website, this page has tutorials and a range of activities.

Click on this link to access The Maths Factor.com which is run by Carol Vorderman and is now free while schools are closed instead of £2 a week. 

Click on this link to access home learning packs, provided by Hamilton Trust

Click on this link to access I See Maths resources, provided by Gareth Metcalfe.

Click this link to access Corbett Maths, which has videos, worksheets and problems.

Click this link to access Khan Academy, which has videos and activities.

Click this link to access Prodigy Maths, this has games and resources.

Click this link to access a mental maths quiz app.

Click this link to access Maths Apprentice, this site puts Maths into real life contexts.


Click this link to access a library of free e-books

Click this link to access quick fire writing activities

Click this link to access a free daily newspaper for children

 Clink this link to access poetry readings

Click this link to access downloadable resource books providing 8 weeks of activities.

Click this link to access author master classes

Click this link to listen to daily radio programme with ideas and activities

Click this link to listen to David Walliams reading a short story each day. (11am daily)

Click this link to access over 3000 free eBooks.   

Pobble365 is a great resource to inspire creative writing. Each day a new picture is uploaded accompanied by a story starter, reading questions and grammar activity. Click this link to access.                        

Literacy Shed is another stimulus for writing, full of interesting and unique videos. Please share your work and ideas with us via Twitter, Facebook or email.                          

https://www.booktrust.org.uk/hometime Click on this link to hear famous authors reading pieces of their work such as Cressida Cowell, reading 'How to train your Dragon'. 

https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/browse/free-resources Click on the link to go to free comprehension and other English activity packs. There is no need to print out the work - children can read the texts online and answer the questions on some spare paper.        

The National Literacy Trust has created a 'family zone' page with lots of ideas and activities. Click here to access.        

Classroom secrets are allowing a free sign up until the end of April. We use this in school, click here to sign up and get free reading and SPaG resources.

 Oxford Owl is offering support and help with Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Click here for tips and activities.


This link will take you to 'The Stem Laboratory' where children can find over 50 science, technology, engineering and mathematic activities.     

Click this link to access online science activities from   BBC Bitesize ( from 20.04.20)      


Click this link for simple science activities to do at home

Click this link for activities aimed at children from ages 5 upwards.

 Click here for experiments with jelly!


Click here to join The Great Bug Hunt of 2020. Closing date is June 12th  

This link will take you to the NASA kids club!

 This link will take you to 101 free science experiments from Sublime Science - the winner of BBC's Dragon's Den!


Click this link to access Disney Shake Up Games

Click this link to access daily PE workouts with Joe Wicks. (9am daily)

Youth Sport trust have lots of activities on this website. Click here to access.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIiUcuDyc15vcbZG0VnGqMw?view_as=subscriber - Daily ‘Get up and Move’ workouts along with personal challenges with Liam and India from SHAPE. Suitable for all ages.

https://activeforlife.com/200-activities-you-can-do-with-kids-at-home/ - Fantastic Canadian physical literacy website with games, activities and lesson plans for toddlers to teens. Over 200 hundred ideas to develop physical literacy in a fun way with limited equipment and space.

https://www.gonoodle.com/ - Amazing collection of fun and wacky videos including physical activity, brain teasers, dance moves, cross curricular learning

https://dancesteps.co/ - Live online dance classes for all ages (including adults). Suggested donation via Paypal but otherwise free

https://creativesteps.co/courses/remote-learning/ - A complete learning package to deliver dance at home. Includes progressive, easy to follow lesson plan, you tube videos, embedded music. Differentiated for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

https://app.smilingmind.com.au/ - A brilliant resource to use to develop mindfulness mediation. Suitable for all ages. Easy to follow and various programmes for different ages / categories. Collect points and minutes and you complete each section.

https://plprimarystars.com/news/home-learning-activities-school-closures?dm_i=3VTU%2C142C0%2C3JG43Q%2C3WORB%2C1 - Host of online and downloadable resources covering a range of topics with football theme. Includes Maths, English, PE and fun activities.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KN50fal7f45fx2DqG7ttg/search?query=super+movers - Online videos covering all National Curriculum subjects including the Super Mover series linking physical activity with learning in Maths / English

https://www.youtube.com/user/Chancetoshinecricket - Chance to Shine is a free to access cricket teaching resource for primary teachers. The C2S YouTube channel will have a weekly cricket / physical literacy challenge



 Code.org is a great 'free' website for our children to access coding resources.  Click on this link to access the hour of code sections which are free and do not require a login.

Click this link to access an 'Online Safety' interactive game.                 

 Follow this link to access Tutorials for Stop Motion Animations - we used I Can Animate Lite in School.


Click this link to load the '30 Day Lego Challenge'

Can you spell your name by completing the fitness challenge for each letter of your name? Done that? Now try to the names of your friends or favourite celebrities. Click this link to access the document.

You can sign your child up for  free British Sign Language Online course, usually worth £75 to complete. Your child will even get a certificate upon completion. Click here to access.  

Pobble have some good challenges for children:



Derbyshire Music Service has put online music lessons / activities for children online. Please click this link to go to their homepage.


A collection of short Youtube lessons and worksheets.Watch the clip and then complete the worksheet. Should you require any further assistance mention it to your class teacher and Mr Smithson will liaise to assist you with your learning.

C lick here for Year 3/4 Video Lesson 1

Click here for Year 3/4 Lesson 1 worksheet A

C lick here for Year 3/4 Lesson 1 worksheer B

C lick here for Year 3/4 Lesson 1 worksheet C

C lick here for Year 5 Video Lesson 1

C lick here for Year 5 Lesson 1 worksheet A

C lick here for Year 5 Lesson 1 Worksheet B

Click here for Year 5 Lesson 1 worksheet C

C lick here for Year 5 Lesson 1 worksheet D

C lick here for Year 5 Lesson 1 worksheet E

C lick here for Year 5 Lesson 1 worksheet F

C lick here for Year 6 Video Lesson 1

Click here for Year 6 Lesson 1 worksheet A

C lick here for Year 6 Lesson 1 worksheet B

C lick here for Year 6 Lesson 1 worksheet C

C lick here for Year 6 Lesson 1 worksheet D

C lick here for Year 6 Lesson 1 worksheet E

Click here for Year 6 Lesson worksheet F


SEN Resources and Information

If you need more help with your child's learning at home, please let your child's class teacher know,when he /she calls to check in. Class teachers and Mrs. Barnett  SENCO ( Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) will liaise to help support you at home.

Autism Resources

Autism Information and Advice have launched a YouTube channel which will be updated weekly with videos featuring activities which can be done at home.

Clink here for link to You Tube channel

Phonics / Early Reading Resources

Click here to access daily story time ( from 20.4.20)

Click here for link to Phonics Play Website-free to use

Click here for more free phonic online books

Click here for link to free Jolly Phonics Resources

Click here for Read, Write Inc Phonics Website- daily lessons

Click here for link to free Letterland resources

Click here to listen to stories, if your child isn't a confident reader

Click here to access on-line resources from Priory Woods School

 Click here for advice on home learning for SEN Parents

SEN / PSHE / Well-Being

Click here to access well-being resources for children and parents

Click here to access children's guide to coronavirus

Click here to access mental health resources for parents / carers

Advice for parents, who are home-schooling

Click here to visit Sheffield Children's Hospital Resource Page with lots of useful advice for parents with additional needs and more general support. 

The Anti-Baddies – Resilience Toolkit for Children

A new wellbeing and resilience toolkit for children to use at home whilst they are off
school is now available. It includes suggestions of activities and a badge system to
track progress. The toolkit can be found here.

A Nurse Dotty Book on Coronavirus

Molly Watts has written and illustrated a short story to help explain the coronavirus to
children in a bid to reduce fears and anxieties around the outbreak. The Nurse Dotty
book can be viewed here.

These challenges are for adults - but many can be done as families:






Useful Links for Parents

Here’s a quick link to some useful information for parents.

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