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    16 Oct 2017

    Year 5 and Y6 Mindfulness Project

    Our school has been chosen to take part in an exciting project which aims to introduce children, young people and school staff to mindfulness. The project which hopes to reach 5,400 pupils in Derbyshire and Derby City over the next 18 months has been commissioned by the NHS and is being managed by Derbyshire Educational Psychology Service.


    Mindfulness involves paying attention to what is happening right now rather than worry about the past or future. Children often report feeling calmer, more relaxed and able to focus in lesson.


    The project will train teaching staff to deliver mindfulness primarily to Year 5 and 6 pupils. Children will be taught by their own teacher or another teacher within the school. This is a universal intervention designed to support the emotional wellbeing of all pupils.


    The school will be using the Mindful Attention Programme (MAP) as a basis to introduce children to the practice of mindfulness. The programme has a good evidence base and parents can find out more about MAP and about the benefits of mindfulness from the website www.psychologyforchildren.comThe programme consists of nine short sessions which are fun and designed to support children in developing skills which enable them to pay attention more effectively, cope with day to day stresses and strains, and get on better with each other. Children will also take part in short daily breathing practices of 3-5 minutes.


    It is anticipated that the programme will start the week beginning 16th October 2017 and we would like to evaluate the programme in January 2018 by asking the children to complete a short written questionnaire in class. This will focus on if they enjoyed the sessions and if they feel mindfulness has helped them. Children will have the option of providing feedback or not and all information collected will be anonymised. The results will help the research team understand what children have found particularly helpful. Feedback will be provided to individual schools and contribute to a wider research project on the benefits of mindfulness.

    Please find useful document links below

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    How can Mindfulness help me link page.docx

    Links page.docx

    What is Minfulness link page 2.docx

    Public health website information.docx

    What is the Derbyshire Mindfulness Research project (2).docx

    What skills will I learn link page.docx

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    01 Oct 2017

    Team GB Athlete Visit

    We were very excited to be welcome GB Olympic Swimmer James Kirton to the school earlier this week.James has represented Great Britain for over 6 years. James defied injuries to swim his way to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

    James lead a sponsored fitness circuit with all pupils, and followed this up with a talk and 'question and answer' session. The aim of the event was to inspire the pupils to take up sport generally, but just as importantly to encourage them to discover and then pursue their passion in life. The school raised lots of money in sponsorship, which will be used to purchase new sports equipment, as well as some funds going to support young British athletes. Thank you to all for your generous support.


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    21 Jul 2017

    Class of 2017

    We have now said goodbye to our class of 2017. They finished the year with a marvellous production of ‘Ali Barber and the Bongo Bandits’ on Tuesday evening. There were over 150 parents in attendance at the evening production with many positive comments following to both ourselves and on our social media accounts. The Y6 children have also attended their leaving ‘prom’ organised by ‘Friends of Spire’, which included a formal 3 course dinner and a disco. Finally, we said our goodbyes in our leavers assembly and some children were awarded the annual Spire trophies to recognise their efforts and talents. We wish our Y6 children well for the future. Good luck to you all.

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    21 Jul 2017

    Art Week

    We have completed our very first ‘Art Week’ at Spire Junior. Each class was allocated an insect and they designed and made costumes to transform themselves into that insect. The costumes were celebrated during a ‘Art parade’ around the local area. It was great to see members of the local community to come out to clap and cheer the children along the route.

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    21 Jul 2017

    Summer Fayre

    We held first ever school summer fayre on Saturday 8th July. The event was organised by our new ‘Friends of Spire’ group, and very kindly sponsored by Vison for Education. We had many stall holders at the fayre, as well as an ice cream van, popcorn and candyfloss for sale, bouncy castle, archery and a BBQ. Mr Shaw and Mr Miles also spent time in the stocks. The fayre was a huge success, raising nearly £2,000 for school funds. Thank you to the local community for supporting the event.

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