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    02 Dec 2019

    Y5's Visit to Sudbury Hall.

    On Monday 11th November, the Y5 children visited The Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall. Y5 are learning about the differences between the lives of rich and poor children in Victorian times. The children experienced a Victorian schoolroom and were taught by a very strict teacher ! There was also an opportunity for any brave children to climb a ‘real ‘chimney. It was very small and dark and really gave the children an authentic experience. The museum contained some extraordinary toys from the Victorian era. A particular favourite was a clockwork clown, which could draw real pictures. There were also lots of opportunities for playing with replica toys from the Victorian era. The visit also linked with our forces topic in Science. The children participated in a workshop called ‘ How does it work ?’. Children learnt about how different forces acted upon the toys.

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    18 Nov 2019

    Remembrance Service

    11th November

    The Year 3 and Year 4 children took a nice leisurely walk to town being hit with wind, rain and sunshine throughout the walk. Once they arrived at the town hall they were invited inside to the warm to meet veterans from previous wars and even got to talk with a gentleman who was born during WW2. The children listened attentively and asked him questions about his time during the war he participated in. Around 10:55am they ventured outside to the steps to witness the two minutes remembrance silence at 11:00am and then the laying of the wreaths around the cenotaph. It was observed brilliantly and all children were glad to have witnessed this ceremony. We thank the town hall staff for such a lovely ceremony and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor for taking their time to talk to us.

    Meanwhile, Year 5 children observed the 2 minute silence during their visit to Sudbury Hall, and the Year 6 children were impeccable during their 2 minute silence in the school hall watching events live around the UK. 

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    13 Nov 2019

    Chesterfield Museum Visit

    On Monday 4th November, Year 5 visited the final resting place of George Stephenson (inventor of the passenger train) and Chesterfield Museum. Despite the weather, the children had a brilliant time and were able to enhance their understanding of the Victorian era. Whilst at the Holy Trinity Church (resting place of George Stephenson) Reverend David Horsfall showed the children significant areas in the church for GS.

    After this, the children braved the weather once more to visit Chesterfield Museum where they: completed a George Stephenson trail, held artifacts from the period and crawled through a mine shaft like some of the Victorianchildren would have had to do.

    The children behaved well and it made for a memorable first day back!

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    11 Oct 2019


    On Monday 7th October, after school, 14 year 5 and 6s embarked on a journey in the minibus to Dronfield Henry Fanshawe. We entered an event called Racketfest, where we learnt skills to do with badminton, tennis and table tennis. Within each sport there were four activities that we rotated round. Activities such as hand eye coordination work, aiming, passing, bouncing, competing, keeping active and many more. All the children that we were lucky enough to take along joined in brilliantly and ended up receiving 7 determination tokens and 13 self-belief tokens. Well done to everyone involved. 

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    09 Oct 2019

    Chesterfield Hockey Club Visit

    We were lucky to receive some fantastic training from John Nash at Chesterfield Hockey Club on the morning of Wednesday 9th October. We learnt how to hold a proper hockey stock, dribble the ball, have control of the ball when moving, passing and stopping correctly by using the stick. All the children had a brilliant time and many were interested in joining the club. Our skills developed quickly through teaching of skills through games. We would like to thank John for his time this morning.

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