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    17 Jun 2019

    Writing Day at the Proact Stadium with an Author


    Author Day at the Proact
    Friday 14th June 2019

    On Friday, some of our Year 5 children were lucky enough to go to the Proact stadium for a day of literacy. Whilst there, the children completed a range of activities led by: Matt Oldfield (children’s author), Nick Johnson (Media Correspondent at Chesterfield FC) and Darren Parkinson (activities coordinator at Chesterfield FC) which led to a short piece of writing about their ‘first goal’ at the ground. At the end of the day, all the children had written wonderful pieces and Matt, Nick and Chester the Field Mouse had the unenviable task of choosing a winning piece of writing. Incredibly, the winner was our very own Alea! Her fantastic short story has gone onto the Chesterfield FC website (and below). So if you have the time, take a look - it’s worth it! Well done to everyone who attended; you were all brilliant and are a credit to our wonderful school!


    All he could see was the bright ray of the sun and the blinding lights as he entered the pitch.

    Anxious thoughts flooded his mind, causing his body to sweat. As he took in the wonderful smell of fresh-cut grass, he felt his anxiousness melt and fade into thin air.

    Before he knew it, he was on the pitch with the ball in front of him and instead of anxious feelings, determination filled his body, his movement sleek and then...

    The ball flew into the goal and suddenly, his team-mates shouted, 'You..you scored!' Just then and only then, the crowd chanted, 'Max! Max! Max!' over and over.

    The drummer beat his drum so loudly the fans could hardly hear, but nobody cared. The only thing they cared about was Max and his magnificent goal.







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    14 Jun 2019

    Mental Health Awareness

    Mental Health Awareness

    As part of the “Be A Mate Campaign”, three of our school councillors visited Matlock County Hall to attend the Pupil Voice and Mental Health Conference.

    The main objective was to come together with other youngsters and practitioners from around the county to improve pupil voice and action around mental health to support a whole school approach.

    Throughout the day our school councillors were informed on how to be more inclusive, influence others on their attitudes towards mental health/illness & to improve communication regarding mental health. We also looked at developing a “Derbyshire Charter for Mental Health” as well as a “Pupil Friendly Mental Health Policy.”




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    11 Apr 2019


    On Wednesday 6th March, Mrs Cooper organised an Eco-day for the school. During the day we had a number of visitors from different eco friends organisations, such as the Woodland Trust, who ran workshops for all the children to support their learning as to how they can help save the environment. Following on from this we held our science week (again organised by Mrs Cooper) during the week beginning 11th March.

    The children learned about how plastics can affect the environment and wildlife. Our week started with a visitor from Chesterfield Borough Council. The children were given many facts about the impact litter has on our local town. The children’s emotions ran high when they realised what dangers littering can cause. With the loan of litter pick equipment the children were happy to help reverse this problem. So, they pulled on the protective gloves and high visibility jackets, and armed with grabber sticks and plastic bags they set off to collect rubbish from their local play areas.

    The children have learned about the impact of using ‘once only plastics’ through a variety of tasks and activities. These ranged from conducting and writing up science experiments, maths investigations and poetry writing to independent research. The children have also learned how to recycle effectively and each class has two nominated ‘Eco Busters’ who check that items are being disposed of correctly. The feedback from many teachers has been positive, commenting on how much the children have really embraced the learning during this week and that they are still hungry for more.


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    11 Apr 2019

    Digital Leaders


    Spire Junior Children, who are our digital leaders, took part in a ground-breaking Derbyshire project appointing school children to champion online safety has been celebrated at a special event.

    Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa met youngsters at the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield to recognise efforts to tackle online risks and how to support children being safe on the internet.

    The Online Safety Support project received £13,500 from the commissioner’s Community Action Grant towards the training of 97 young digital leaders across 22 of Chesterfield’s primary schools, two secondary schools and Ashgate Croft Special School.

    Training coordinator Traci Good, from esafetytraining.co.uk, who is an online safety specialist and assessor working with schools, was appointed to train professionals from a host of children’s welfare organisations, health organisations, police and schools.

    In addition, she delivered a number of training mornings to the new digital leaders and teaching staff to prepare them for their new roles.

    At the end of the sessions, students received their Digital Leader badge in a special presentation ceremony while teaching staff were provided with support material and resources to further raise awareness of online safety in their schools.

    Mr Dhindsa said: “This is a fantastic project which puts young people in the driving seat of online safety in their schools, giving them responsibility and authority to tackle the online risks that threaten the safety of their peers.

    “Many of the new leaders have hit the ground running, developing new projects within their schools to increase pupils’ awareness and knowledge of social media risks and how to protect themselves online. Young people have an important voice and can have a powerful influence on their friends.”



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    02 Dec 2018

    Year 4 World War 2 Day


    World War 2 day was a complete success and all children were completely immersed and engaged in the day. All children gave 100% effort to each task, which was all we could've asked for and it was wonderful to see so may of them dressed up.

    We were split in to four equal groups, mixing up the two classes. Our activities consisted of army training, some fun exercise drills and looking at their uniform, weapons and helmets. Also we learnt some basic first aid - DR ABC, secondary survey and recovery position. Another activity was designing and making our own gas mask; we also baked cakes made from rations amounts (which we later ate during the VE party); and finally making our own war medals out of clay.

    Thank you for your all your continued support and I hope your children had a wonderful day.


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