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    28  Feb 2020

    Beat the Street

    Beat the street!

    The fun has begun! We had Libby in from Beat the Street for assembly today to explain to our great children how Beat the Street will work. All children seemed energised and excited to get started which is amazing.
    How to play:
    1. Use the Beat the Street map to find the beat boxes.
    2. Tap the box using your fob or card, it will make a noise or light up (one is right by the top gate of school).
    3. In order to get your points you have to make it to another box within the hour.
    POINTS MEAN PRIZES! As this is being released, we are at number 41, so we need to step it up (literally). Get yourselves active, get out and about, get finding all the beat boxes.

    Parents - the cards need registering online using the website that is on the front of the card. You’ve got to fill in all the details - link it to SPIRE JUNIOR SCHOOL and tap away.
    In order for us and you to gain extra points, there is a health survey that needs completing - you will earn yourself 100 POINTS! The survey is simple and takes a matter of minutes (I promise).

    Get yourselves active, get out and about around Chesterfield.

    Thank you
    Miss Topham
    P.E Co-ordinator

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