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    07 Feb 2020

    Sport Springfest

    What an amazing event full of great activities. The children did things from archery to blind fold leading, shuttle runs to bullseye launching. There were so many great activities ran by selected children from Parkside. All the children taken to the event represented the school brilliantly and even won 48 teamwork tokens! So proud. Well done everyone.



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    02 Feb 2020

    Young Voices 2020

    On Tuesday 7th January, the choir attended Sheffield Arena for the annual Young Voices Concert. It was an absolutely amazing night and we were proud of all the choir members. They sang beautifully and their behaviour was excellent. All the children had practised every week after school since September, and put in extra practice at home too ! Once the lights went down on the actual night, the magic began. Well done to all the choir members and also thank you to the staff, who gave up their time.

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    30 Jan 2020

    Y6 Celebration


    Our Year 6 Children hosted their own Winners Award Ceremony last Wednesday where they invited in local members of the public who had been nominated under one of three categories: ‘Helping heroes’, ‘Inspiration Idols’, ‘Overcoming Obstacles’.

    Lily Hammond, a local artist who enjoys painting animals, won the inspirational idols award.

    Roger Barrett, a charity fundraiser who has raised over £50,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital following the sad loss of his son, won the overcoming obstacles award.

    Finally, Matt Fox, a children's doctor, won the helping heroes award.

    The event was a huge success with a special appearance from Spire Radio and the Mayor of Chesterfield to present the awards.





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    20 Dec 2019

    Spire Camp 2019

    Spire Camp


    The children of Year 3 & 4 wanted to showcase their learning about World War II by creating and hosting their very own Museum. They set about discussing key area from this time in history. They chose The Blitz, Women’s role during the war, Evacuees and Secret Codes to name just a few.

    Children then organised themselves into small key groups to prepare each area to present. They researched, drew pictures, produced quality work and prepared to host visitors.

    The day of the museum was fast approaching. Children decided that they might like to wear their World War II costumes again. Some of the children were even able to bring in a selection of primary sources of  evidence to display in Museum.

    Parents and families were invited and what a show of support the children received! The hall was bustling with visitors eager to learn all about World War II from the children. The children showed real maturity and a knowledge of their subject. They answered numerous questions and were able to freely discuss the war with visitors.

    The museum was a great success and with the children deciding to charge a £1 entrance fee they managed to raise £90 for The Poppy Appeal – What an amazing result!

    Thank you for to everyone who was able to attend and support this event.



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    02 Dec 2019

    Y5's Visit to Sudbury Hall.

    On Monday 11th November, the Y5 children visited The Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall. Y5 are learning about the differences between the lives of rich and poor children in Victorian times. The children experienced a Victorian schoolroom and were taught by a very strict teacher ! There was also an opportunity for any brave children to climb a ‘real ‘chimney. It was very small and dark and really gave the children an authentic experience. The museum contained some extraordinary toys from the Victorian era. A particular favourite was a clockwork clown, which could draw real pictures. There were also lots of opportunities for playing with replica toys from the Victorian era. The visit also linked with our forces topic in Science. The children participated in a workshop called ‘ How does it work ?’. Children learnt about how different forces acted upon the toys.

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