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    26  Nov 2017

    Science Week

    Science Week 2017

    Our science week took off with an awesome balloon launch into space – a photograph of the whole school (of all those permitted) was attached to a payload box containing a camera. The children watched with great excitement as the balloon was launched at 12.10 p.m. on Monday the 20th November. The journey of the balloon was then tracked as it literally reached epic heights. After two hours of travelling towards space the balloon finally popped then plummeted back to earth and landed in Norwich capturing the most incredible pictures of earth.

    This lead to our children being engaged in many varied activities, these ranged from reading facts to creating some amazing pictures. Each year group took part with great enthusiasm. The children used our new IPads and QR codes to conduct research; finding some awesome facts. The following day also brought great excitement with each year group visiting the Wonderdome where the children entered a huge inflatable dome – to watch an amazing light show and learn some incredible facts about our solar system.

    Mid-week and many children conducted experiments with the year 5 and 6 groups using chemical reactions to propel rockets into the air then take measurements which were then recorded in graphs. Unfortunately, some of these rockets turned out to be epic fails – but that’s the nature of science. This lead the children to discuss and investigate why they didn’t take off as expected. In year 4 the children also made rockets, using air filled balloons to launch them. The children had great fun setting these rockets off. The year 3 children used an air pump to propel mini rockets across the floor then they recorded the measurements in a graph.

    Many other activities were conducted throughout the week such as; matching constellations, solving maths problems, walking water experiments, classifying aliens, making alien masks, making rockets and awesome planet pictures. Many year groups also wrote up their science experiments using a recognised scientific method.

    At the end of a very busy week the children visited each other’s class rooms in order to ‘learn from their peers’. The year 6 children showed great maturity when they shared their knowledge with the year 3 children. Likewise, the year 4 and 5 children had much information to share with the other classes. There was a real buzz around the school as the children ‘taught’ each other. The Year 5 children then visited Parkside community school to have a 'wow' science lesson in the schools science lab. We as a staff have also been impressed with the projects the children have brought in from home – showing their enthusiasm for our Space Themed Science Week.

    Many thanks to all those who put so much effort into making this week a great success.

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