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    03  Oct 2019

    World War 2 Immersive Day

    Our fantastic World War II day on Wednesday 2nd October 2019.

    We decided to create a World War 2 day, as we believe at Spire Junior School that it gives the children more of an opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic and engage in different elements. The children dressed up in various WW2 outfits and participated in numerous activities thoroughout the day. These activities included marching practice with Mrs Spriggs, who was once a member of the band for the British Army, the children learnt to march to a beat (the drum used was actually used by the British Army and Mrs Spriggs very kindly brought it in for us all to see); the children were put through their paces with army training through a circuit with Miss Topham; they completed challenging maths based around buying equipment for troops with Mr Davis; designed, wrote and sent postcards home in the viewpoint of an evacuee or soldier with Mr James; solved morse code messages with Mrs Carter, even creating some for her to crack (challenging the teacher); and finally baking rationed biscuits for them to enjoy at the end of the day. We finished the day with a quiz to test our sticky knowledge, where the children did brilliantly and worked exceptionally well cooperatively. The children had a brilliant day, there was a wide range of favourite activities and went home munching on the biscuits they made.


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