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    17  Jun 2019

    Writing Day at the Proact Stadium with an Author


    Author Day at the Proact
    Friday 14th June 2019

    On Friday, some of our Year 5 children were lucky enough to go to the Proact stadium for a day of literacy. Whilst there, the children completed a range of activities led by: Matt Oldfield (children’s author), Nick Johnson (Media Correspondent at Chesterfield FC) and Darren Parkinson (activities coordinator at Chesterfield FC) which led to a short piece of writing about their ‘first goal’ at the ground. At the end of the day, all the children had written wonderful pieces and Matt, Nick and Chester the Field Mouse had the unenviable task of choosing a winning piece of writing. Incredibly, the winner was our very own Alea! Her fantastic short story has gone onto the Chesterfield FC website (and below). So if you have the time, take a look - it’s worth it! Well done to everyone who attended; you were all brilliant and are a credit to our wonderful school!


    All he could see was the bright ray of the sun and the blinding lights as he entered the pitch.

    Anxious thoughts flooded his mind, causing his body to sweat. As he took in the wonderful smell of fresh-cut grass, he felt his anxiousness melt and fade into thin air.

    Before he knew it, he was on the pitch with the ball in front of him and instead of anxious feelings, determination filled his body, his movement sleek and then...

    The ball flew into the goal and suddenly, his team-mates shouted, 'You..you scored!' Just then and only then, the crowd chanted, 'Max! Max! Max!' over and over.

    The drummer beat his drum so loudly the fans could hardly hear, but nobody cared. The only thing they cared about was Max and his magnificent goal.







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