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    06  Nov 2017

    Y6 Lea Green Residential

    The Y6 children recently visited Lea Green residential centre for their residential experience. The children were commended by the centre and school staff for their behaviour, attitude and manners throughout the 3 days. They were a pleasure to take and represented our school excellently.

    Here is a recount of the residential by one of our Y6 pupils, Aiden.

    Arriving at school I felt extremely excited for our class residential to Lea Green. We were told to put our bags or suitcases into the hall until the huge bus arrived. Our class teacher Miss Horton took the red register and the nerves started to build fast. Finally the 60 seater coach arrived. We boarded the coach and set off on the short journey. I was determined to get to Lea Green as there are lots of physical activities.

    Half an hour later, the coach pulled into the longest and straightest drive I had ever seen. In front of my very eyes, I saw an amighty Victorian style house. It reminded me of Harry Potter. Our two fabulous guides Ben and Dean, were waiting for us and told us to put our bags in the green boot room. At the back of the house, we were instructed to get into groups of five and complete a hard treasure hunt. After that, we got our suitcases and travelled to the lounge.

    Later, a bell was rung while we were in the lounge and it meant we were going to have our Lunch. For lunch we had a sandwich, a packet of crisps, lots of fruit and a kit-kat for pudding. When we had all finished Ben and Dean explained what we were going to do. A group of us did a stream walk (I did it) and the others did the team swing. Before I did the stream walk, I put some different clothes on. We ambled to the huge courtyard to get a helmet and a waterproof coat. When we were going we had to get on a mini bus. We had to walk through a herd of sheep first, then go through a kissing gate towards a herd of cows, but they were further away. Fortunately, we were able to get through the cows without disturbing them. After that we were able to get to the stream walk. I fell over a few times. Everybody jumped in the mud Jacuzzi. Later on we went to have a shower. After everyone had got changed we went to the sports hall. We played hockey and basketball, while some people did gymnastics. Five minutes later , we had dinner with another school called Stonelow. We had beef, gravy and vegetables. Once everyone had, had their tea we put a jumper and a coat on and went for a night walk. At night we walked through many fields. The last field had cows in. I felt petrified as I thought they would charge at me. When we got back to Lea Green we all had a hot chocolate. After we drank it all, we had to go to bed. Tyron was making shadow puppets and made me laugh.

    On Thursday, Mr James or Mr Smithson opened the door when all of us were asleep and said “wakey wakey”. Ten minutes later the annoying bell went for breakfast at 8am. After everyone had finished their meal we put our outdoor shoes on for buggies, problem solving and climbing, the climbing wall. We did buggies first and after that we did problem solving. The problem solving wasn’t as fun as buggies. Forty five minutes later I did the climbing wall. I had to put on a harness and when it was on I climbed right to the top of the wall but when I looked down I felt scared. At bushcraft we had to get into groups of 6 and we had to make a den. Everyone had a go at making a fire and then eating a marshmallow. Later the bell went for tea and we had chips, beans, vegetables and chicken. Once everyone was finished we had to listen to instructions for our next game. The game was called ‘Smugglers run’. At smugglers run we had to move water from one side of the site to the other without being caught by the pirates (teachers). We had to be careful as there were lots of teachers around. Afterwards we went inside for hot chocolate to finish the day.

    On Friday, Mr James woke us up as we needed to have our breakfast. The bell rang for breakfast at 8am and I had cornflakes, as well as bacon, sausage and beans. We were then ordered to pack our bags. After that we had to clean our room. Some of us then went and did the stream walk, while the rest did the team swing. I did the team swing. Later we got on the coach and travelled back to school.

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