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    01  Feb 2018

    Young Voices 2018

    Young Voices- The largest school choir concert in the world.

    Being a part of Young Voices provides the children the opportunity to perform in Sheffield Arena alongside incredible artists. To achieve this with all their school friends around them for support, helps their self-belief, self-motivation, confidence, and ability to communicate as part of a team - which is invaluable!

    Young Voices takes place in school for the whole of the Autumn term leading up to January where the specially arranged songs, support resources and online music room provide a full and varied introduction to all kinds of music.

    The choir practised every Tuesday afternoon after school. At first the number of songs seemed quite daunting, but the children soon became familiar with the lyrics. One of the favourite parts of the choir rehearsal was learning all the dance moves. We had a lot of fun and a well-deserved biscuit break each week ! The choir members also had access to the on-line music room at home, which really helped children become even more familiar with the songs.

    As the concert day came closer, the excitement began to build. The children had prepared for months and were really looking forward to the big day.

    The actual concert day was amazing. The Young Voices crew was extremely well organised and managed to rehearse with thousands of children. The evening performance took our breath away. Fantastic lighting and sound created a magical atmosphere.

    Young Voices aims to connect families through music. The parents, who were able to come to the concert, loved the whole experience too.

    2018 was Spire Junior School’s first Young Voices experience, and it won’t be the last. We have already booked our seats for 2019.

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