Spire Junior School


Leadership Team

Mr D. Shaw - Headteacher
Mrs A. Barnett - Deputy Headteacher


Miss C. Horton - Teacher
Miss L. Topham - Teacher
Miss S. Vaughan - Teacher
Mr A. Davis - Teacher
Mr A. Page - Teacher
Mrs H. Cooper - Teacher
Mrs P. Eaton - Teacher

Admin Team

Mrs J. Power - Secretary

Support Staff

Gail Hancock - Learning Mentor
Mr M. James - Technician
Mr N. Haslam - Behaviour Mentor

Teaching Assistants

Miss K. Duroe - Teaching Assistants
Miss R. Dascenzo - Teaching Assistants
Mrs J. Boulton - Teaching Assistants
Mrs J. Davis - Teaching Assistants
Mrs J. Stock - Teaching Assistants
Mrs L. Hodge - Teaching Assistants
Mrs N. White - Teaching Assistants
Mrs Y. Turner - Teaching Assistants
Mrs. K. Pickering - Teaching Assistants

Midday Supervisors

Mrs C. Saxton - Midday Supervisors
Mrs C. Wiltshier - Midday Supervisors
Mrs J. Earl - Midday Supervisors
Mrs R. Phipps - Midday Supervisors
Mrs T. Walker - Midday Supervisors
Mrs Y. Kitchen - Midday Supervisors

Technical Services Staff

Mr D. Holland - Caretaker - Caretaker
Mrs S. Rose - Cleaner - Cleaner
Mrs Y. Kitchen - Cleaner - Cleaner

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Our address
Our Address
    Spire Junior School
    Jawbones Hill
    Derby Road
    Derbyshire, S40 2EN
    01246 234546
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