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The Year 4 team are Mr Page and Miss Topham, supported by Mrs Turner and Mrs Dascenzo.

We are all excited to begin the new academic year with a full, fun-packed curriculum and have organised a range of exciting activities for your child to enjoy.

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    20 May 2019

    Summer Term 1

    The children have really got stuck in with the gardening this term. We have been deweeding the flower beds, sanding down the fences and thankfully Miss Topham's scout friends came and removed all dangerous objects from the pond. Over the next few weeks we will be painting and planting :).

     In Maths we have been looking at time, specifically analogue to digital where we have to convert in 12 and 24-hour clocks. This is tricky so any work that happens at home would be appreciated. In English we are continuing to look at Danny the Champion of the World and completed a character description on Friday. These were excellent and the children are really starting to use their year 4 targets in their writing.

    Year 4 are trying to beat Year 5 at the reading challenge so please keep reading three times a week and going on timestable rockstars.


    Y4 team 

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    03 May 2019

    Operation Clear Up

    Welcome back to the third and final term!

    We have come back with a bang and thankfully remembering most things! Amazing. We have been going over our non-negiotables for writing, which does include those pesky capital letters :). We have also begun designing our garden. We have been given an area of land to improve - the three flower beds in our playground and the forgotten pond area. We have spent time looking up how much things cost and deciding what we wish to have in there.

    Operation tidy up has begun with the teachers as there were nettles and spiky bushes that we needed to get out before allowing the children in. In order for them to garden we need garden gloves and tools. The tools do not have to be kept in school, can be returned each day. 

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    05 Apr 2019

    April 5th

    This week we have done lots of writing. We started the week writing an argument in which the children had to write a FOR and AGAINST argument about zoos. The children worked really hard and the results were fantastic. We followed this with a whole school writing activity on Thursday morning where the children watched a short film about a light house keeper and his troublesome day. They then wrote a story about the day of the lighthouse keeper with an alternative ending. The children should be very proud of their efforts as they were truly outstanding.

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    28 Mar 2019

    Spring Term 2

    We have been busy busy bees.

    The term has been full with lots of exciting things. The children have been working hard in their topics learning about tornadoes and earthquakes - becoming experts! The work they are producing is excellent and will look great in our book (which we will be releasing for sale soon).

    In Maths we have been covering statistics - looking at different types of graphs and answering questions. These can be tricky as we have to get used to new language. In English we have been writing two and three clause sentences carefully selecting our conjunctions as well as writing balanced arguments. This week we have been focusing on if school uniform should be banned and having to write both for and against. Next week will be a new topic. In Science we are beginning states of matter, starting to look at solid, liquids and gases :).

    Keep up the hardwork READING THREE TIMES A WEEK and practicing times tables on TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS.

    Y4LT class assembly is Wednesday 3rd April at 9:30am 

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    01 Mar 2019

    Spring 2 Week 1

    An amazing first week back. We have well and truly hit the ground running and the children have really upped their game. In English we have been looking more at our topic book 'The Storm Keeper's Island', everybody is very engaged and starting to think more about who the characters are and focusing on their description through noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and embedded clauses. In Maths we have started coordinate work, which is tricky stuff. We have done two lots of active maths to support this, being told that they are the best lessons EVER! Spelling results have really improved this week - so well done everyone, and just a reminder for 3 reads at home a week - we're in a competition and we want to win. Mr Page's class won the chocolate biscuits this week, let's share the treat and Miss Topham's win next week!

    Topic we are now looking at tornadoes and earthquakes so please complete your own research at home or create your very own projects. We have looked at many aspects so far but the fun has only just begun! Let's make this a good term! 

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