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    20 Jan 2020

    Volcano workshop

    On Tuesday 14th January, we were fortunate to have One Day Creative come in to school and work with us. We had the opportunity to learn all about volcanoes and why they are explosive through drama. We learnt all the correct terminology and showed through our bodies and within groups how lava eventually escapes through the vent into the atmosphere. We completed a multiple choice quiz, where we were amazed by all the weird and wonderful facts, as well as having discussions about earthquakes and looking at the different tectonic plates. It was great!

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    08 Jan 2020

    P4C Is the Earth a peaceful place?

    Is the Earth a peaceful place?🌍

    Our P4C question this week was ‘Is the Earth a peaceful place?’ The children really enjoyed sharing their views and talking about them with one another.

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    11 Dec 2019

    Sportshall Athletics

    Sportshall Athletics Competition

    Tuesday 10th December saw our first inter competition where the three Year 3/4 classes went up against each other in sportshall athletics. We have been working on our athletic skills throughout the term and it was time to put it to the test against one another, where we cheered on our team mates regardless if they were in our class or not. The events that we participated in were: the balancer - Concentration, control, stability – who can last the longest, speed bouncer – how many jumps could they do in 30 seconds, launcher - How far can throw a javelin, Runner - Rapid runs down the hall – how many shuttle runs can do in 30 seconds, Striker - How many pins can knock down in 1 go, Pitcher - Testing hand eye coordination, throw 4 bean bags into hoops where you could score either 25, 50, 75 or 100 points per bean bag, Hurdles - How many can get over in 30 seconds without knocking any down and finally tag relay – quick sprints down the hall to a team mate. It was a brilliant event and even though we had 90 children in the hall, they were EXCELLENT!

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    21 Nov 2019

    Royal British Legion visit

    We had a brilliant afternoon! The Royal British Legion visited to discuss their charity and the work they children also had chance to share their knowledge with Vivienne. Then, as an extra treat organised for the children - a World War I vehicle arrived at school. The children had a look around and were able to sit in the driving seat for a photo. We are very motivated with our project now!

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    11 Nov 2019

    Anti-bullying week

    As part of this years Anti-bullying week the children and staff were all asked to come to school in odd socks. This was designed to allow everyone to express their individuality and that we are all unique. The children took part in a number of PSHE sessions during the week to further their learning and understanding in this area.

    The Y3/4 team

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