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The Year 4 team are Mr Page and Miss Topham, supported by Mrs Turner and Mrs Dascenzo.

We are all excited to begin the new academic year with a full, fun-packed curriculum and have organised a range of exciting activities for your child to enjoy.

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    01 Mar 2019

    Spring 2 Week 1

    An amazing first week back. We have well and truly hit the ground running and the children have really upped their game. In English we have been looking more at our topic book 'The Storm Keeper's Island', everybody is very engaged and starting to think more about who the characters are and focusing on their description through noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and embedded clauses. In Maths we have started coordinate work, which is tricky stuff. We have done two lots of active maths to support this, being told that they are the best lessons EVER! Spelling results have really improved this week - so well done everyone, and just a reminder for 3 reads at home a week - we're in a competition and we want to win. Mr Page's class won the chocolate biscuits this week, let's share the treat and Miss Topham's win next week!

    Topic we are now looking at tornadoes and earthquakes so please complete your own research at home or create your very own projects. We have looked at many aspects so far but the fun has only just begun! Let's make this a good term! 

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    15 Feb 2019

    happy holidays

    This week we have been continuing to work hard on our geography topics. Mr Page's class have produced some amazing 3D volcano paintings which the children completed in pairs and Miss Topham's class have made some super tsunamis, also in 3D! We also made some human art pictures of tsunamis and volcanoes which we photographed from the drone which was flying hundreds of metres above us!

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    08 Feb 2019

    Spring 1 Week 5

    We have been very busy this week. The children have been working hard on their volcano and tsunami work by bringing it to life through art as well as doing research based on a famous volcano and tsunami to write for their very own newspaper report. The children have really got in to the swing of being brilliant journalists. In Maths we have been working really hard on time - we began a couple of months ago by looking at o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to, we are now moving on to the five minute markers and have been looking at five past this week - some children even wowing us by writing it in digital time. Also in Maths we have been dividing 1- and 2-digit numbers by 100 and started to count in hundredths - we are just super. The children are still asking fantastic questions about the topic and some are even starting to bring in projects they have been completing at home - we love to see these so please make, write, build anything you like and bring them in.

    We are in a weekly timestable rockstars and reading competition with the whole school and if you win you get chocolate biscuits, unfortunately year 4 aren't doing well and we would really like the chocolate biscuits so keep reading at least three times a week please! 

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    25 Jan 2019

    week 4

    We've had another fabulous hardworking week. We have been smashing decimals in maths and writing

    reports based on tsunamis and volcanoes. Our classrooms are now superbly decorated to look like a volcano

    or a tsunami - the look fab and the children love them!

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    18 Jan 2019

    Spring Week 2 - DEEP

    Another cracking week which saw us working very hard and splitting in to our two teams of tsunamis and volcanos. The children have found out lots of wonderful information and facts and have produced great work ready for our end of term project. Maths we have been multiplying 2-digit and 3-digit numbers with 1-digit, which has been very challenging!

     We have finished the week by having a wonderful experience at the Deep. All the children were exceptionally well prepared and we participated in lots of activities. We made our own sand postcard, designed our t-shirts and made badges, we had a tour of the deep where we learnt lots of fun facts and had the opportunity to stroke a star fish!!

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