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Our Year 5 team consist of Mrs Barnett (who is also the Deputy Head) and Miss Higginbottom who are the Y5 teachers and they are supported by Mrs Turner and Miss Hart.

We are excited to be working with our new classes and are looking forward to a successful year ahead with a creative curriculum to ensure all the children have a chance to shine.

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    28 Jan 2020

    Investigating Plastic Pollution in our Local Area

    We went for a short walk in our local area to count up all the litter we could see, in particular plastic. We counted approximately 200 pieces of litter just on one short stretch of road.

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    28 Jan 2020

    Investigating Insulators in Science

    Year 5 are learning about Materials and their Properties. We conducted an experiment to find out which material would make the best insulator for a lunch-box.

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    28 Jan 2020

    Messy Maths

    We are learning about fractions in Year 5. Some of us used play dough to help our understanding-it was fun !

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    11 Nov 2019

    A fantastic day at Sudbury Hall!

    What an amazing jam-packed day Year 5 had at Sudbury Hall! From a Victorian classroom experience, to climbing a ‘chimney’ and building on our understanding of forces with toys through the ages - it was a whirlwind day full of fun and learning! 

    The children’s behaviour was impeccable from start to finish and the volunteers at Sudbury were amazing by how much the children already knew about the Victorian period!

    Well done Year 5!

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    08 Nov 2019

    Christmas comes early in Year 5!

    This year, Spire Junior School will have a Christmas tree inside the Crooked Spire and the children have worked hard to create beautiful decorations to adorn it!

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