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Year 6


The Y6 team is Mr Bramley and Miss Vernon, who are supported by Mrs Stock, Mr Smithson, Mrs Boulton and Mrs Spriggs.

We are looking forward to working with the Y6 children and are looking forward to a successful year ahead. There are many opportunities to embrace in Year 6 and we look forward to sharing these on the year group page.

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    16 Sep 2018

    Lea Green

    We had a fantastic time at Lea Green last week. The children tried many exciting activities they had never done before and many challenged themselves to go out of their comfort zone 😁

    Mr Bramley is busy putting together a short video which will be shown in their class assembly on Thursday 27th September. 

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    07 Sep 2018

    Welcome Back !

    Welcome back Year 6! What a fantastic first week we have had :)

    From team games on the school field to simile poems all about you.

    There has already been some WOW moments this year!


    This is one of our simile poems

    The writer of this poem is …

    As strong as a master,

    As brave as a policeman,

    As clean as a plaster.


    As helpful as Google,

    As small as a hat,

    As amazing as a shooting star,

    As slick as a cat.


    As healthy as a bowl of salad,

    As active as a newborn pup,

    As flexible as a gymnast,

    As quick as growing tree shooting up,


    The writer of this poem,

    Always seems to amaze,

    She’s one in every world, 

    (Or so the poem says).


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    08 Jun 2018

    Welome back!

    Well I can't believe we've only been back 4 days, I'm very tired already. This term is a very busy one as we have art week, transition week and the end of year 6 leavers play. These next 6 weeks will fly by and soon enough we will be waving them off to their secondary school :-( Have a fabulous weekend and see you all at 10am Monday for sports day.  

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    21 May 2018

    SATs are over!

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate all the year 6's for their hard work last week, you were all amazing. It is a relief that they are now over as we can concentrate on other subjects, such as science and topic.

     We will be auditioning for the year 6 end of term play this week, and rehearsals will start after that.

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    18 Apr 2018

    Year 6 short story

    Check out our children's short story, it is spectacular! 




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