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The Y6 team is Mr Bramley and Miss Vernon, who are supported by Mrs Stock, Mr Smithson, Mrs Boulton and Mrs Spriggs.

We are looking forward to working with the Y6 children and are looking forward to a successful year ahead. There are many opportunities to embrace in Year 6 and we look forward to sharing these on the year group page.

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    11 Feb 2019

    Rainforest Survival

    Following on from our class novel, The Explorer, the Year 6 children have been researching rainforest survival. They are now starting to use this knowledge to write their own survival handbooks.

    Here is one child's introduction to give you a taster of what is yet to come.

    The ginormous tropical rainforest: a mysterious palace of beauty yet an abandoned executioner's yard of nightmares. Imagine a place so hot it feels like your skin is about to set on fire; imagine a territory so colossal that you can get lost like in the Minotaur's maze; imagine an area so wet it feels like you are drowning every breathe you take: this is what it is like to exist in the rainforest. Surviving in the Amazon is challenging; some people may even say near on impossible!

    This survival guide will prevent you from being a mosquito's Malaria target, a razor-toothed piranha's pudding, a slimy snake's snack or an orang-utans origami object.  If you found yourself lost or hopelessly abandoned in a never-ending trap do you think you would have the skills to avoid death- to avoid the grasp of the green giant? If not I highly suggest that you read on.


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    23 Jan 2019

    Derbyshire Woodland Trust


    A warm welcome back after Christmas. 

    This term the children will be looking at the question “Is it ours to take?” with a particular focus on the rainforest and deforestation. 

    The children began the term with a visit from Derbyshire Woodland Trust. They studied a variety of woodland animals and how humans “2 feet” are affecting their habitat. 

    Throughout this term, Year 6 will be completing a number of activities which will gain us points towards a Woodland Trust Award for the school. This activity gained us 2 points. 


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    23 Jan 2019

    Rainforest Layers


    Over the last week the children have been studying the layers of the rainforest in great depth. They have learnt about the animals, plants and climate in each layer and have used this information to write information texts. 

    The children have now started their D.T. and art projects where they will be creating a model of the rainforest showing all 4 layers: forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent layer.  

    I look forward to uploading the finished products in due course.  



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    23 Jan 2019

    Ancient Greek Olympic Day

    A late post so apologies. 


    As a finale to our Ancient Greek project, the children organised, ran and participated in their own Olympic Day. 

    The children took part in six different events: long jump (with weights), chariot racing, 100m sprint, hurdles, javelin and discus. 

    It was a great success with the winner and best sportsman of each event presented with a handmade laurel wreath head garland and an Ancient Greek vase. 

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    18 Nov 2018

    Children in Need

    On Friday we did our bit to raise money for ‘Children In Need’!

    Some of the Year 6s did a fabulous job at decorating their own t-shirts with all things spotty, even featuring the school logo. 

    We guessed the number of sweets in a jar, which Dave won - don’t eat them all at once. 

    There was a colouring competition and some fantastic entries made it hard to choose a winner. Eventually, the judges announced that Olivia had won.

    Children also enjoyed the penalty shoot out against Mr Bramley.

    Finally, children voted for their favourite staff bake in our school ‘bake off’. Mr James’ Lego cake was a favourite. 

    As a school we raised over £380! Amazing!

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