Covid Update

The school has been 'deep cleaned' and has been modified to ensure social distancing and safety measures can all be met. Under new regulations our classrooms can take 7 children, with some larger classrooms able to accommodate 8 children. We are increasing school places from Monday 8th June for our more vulnerable children as requested by the government. Our 6 classrooms will be 'full' from Monday 8th June.

To safeguard everyone the following procedures are in place:

Classroom Provision

Having measured our classrooms and to ensure that they are set up to social distancing rules, we feel we can accommodate up to 7 - 8 children only in each class (depending on the size of the classroom). Children will be in classrooms with children from their own year group and will be taught an appropriate curriculum. Each child will have their own pencil case with all the equipment they need in there. We ask that children do not bring any of their own resources, soft toys, pencil cases etc into school.

Friday Lunch Time Closure

All teachers are now teaching in school daily (instead of the rota system we had previously in place). In order to minimise the number of different adults entering school, we cannot arrange supply cover to facilitate their planning, preparation and assessment time. We have, therefore, made the decision that from Friday 12th June, school will close weekly at 12.15 p.m. on a Friday to enable staff to complete their PPA and to ensure the school can have a ‘deep clean’ ready for the beginning of the following week.


We are now only offering full days to children to minimise disruption (unless your child is on a part time timetable). Therefore, children should arrive between 8.30 a.m. - 8.45 a.m. and be collected between 3.10 p.m. - 3.25 p.m. (Fridays between 12.00 - 12.15). Children of key worker children do not need to come in everyday, only when child care is required due to work commitments (but WILL need to remain for full days on the days that they are in). As before, school will need to be aware in advance of the days your child will be in for health and safety reasons.

Morning Routine

Year 3/4 children will be met by a member of staff and will enter the school socially distancing via the Main School Entrance. Year 5/6 children will be met by a member of staff and will enter the school socially distancing via the playground. Children will be required to wash their hands on arrival and will have their temperature taken via a non-contact thermometer. They will then make their way down to their allocated classroom where teaching staff will be waiting for them. At this point they will place their packed lunch and coat under/on their allocated chair.

Pick Up

Due to the current situation, we are restricting adults in and out of the school building and therefore parents/carers will be required to wait outside for their child. When collecting your child, we respectfully ask Year 3/4 parents to wait outside the Main Entrance (please pay attention to the 2m markings on the floor) and Year 5/6 parents to wait on the school playground. A member of staff will take note of your arrival and collect your child for you.

If your child is walking home alone, they will leave the school premises at 3.25 p.m. (12.15 p.m. on a Friday) and are expected to walk home sensibly following social distancing measures. During drop off and pick up times the school car park will be closed.


We have written a new Covid-19 Behaviour Policy (this is also on our policies page). As you will appreciate, with lower staff numbers and the need to still adhere to social distancing rules, we have had to make appropriate changes to our Behaviour Policy. Children will no longer be able to have ‘time out’ on the corridor as these must be kept clear. Children will be given warnings and will be spoken to by members of the Leadership Team should they not adhere to the school rules. If poor behaviour persists the child’s parent will be contacted and be asked to collect their child. The school reserves the right to refuse a place in school should poor behaviour persist.

Social Distancing Outside of School

We would like to remind parents that social distancing rules still apply outside school. As a cluster of schools, we have taken the decision that if a family is seen to be breaking these rules, then their children will not be permitted in school for 7 days to ensure the safety of staff and other pupils.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Dave Shaw,


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