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Our practice in the teaching of reading and writing is defined by current national guidance on best practice, in-service training, staff discussion and professional judgement.


Our approach to teaching of English is multi-faceted, incorporating oracy, drama, real contexts and high-quality literature. Our priority is to create fluent readers and writers with all the skills and knowledge they need to be confidently literate in life.


We want all children to leave Spire Junior School with a life-long reading habit and a love of books because reading will improve their vocabulary, inspire them creatively and improve their ability to write well.


Skills needed for reading and writing are taught within real contexts wherever possible and teachers plan creative and relevant links to their class topics as a stimulus.


At Spire Junior School we are constantly striving to improve and grow our library, we follow the Oxford Reading Tree sequence of  books that shows a cumulative progression in phonics knowledge that is matched closely to the school’s phonics programme, leading to a well structured reading programme that enabales children to become independent readers. 


World Book Day 2023 

All children across school designed and created their own wearable book cover featuring their favourite book. Some of the designs were simply spectacular. 


Take a look at our Virtual Library — Click on the library to open the library and then click on the book you want to be read to you

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Phonics at Spire Junior School

Phonics is  the code that turns written language into spoken language and vice versa. It is the vital initial step in teaching children to read. Phonics is explicitly taught in the first term of  Year 3, and in intervention groups throughout school. If you wish to know more about the six phases, or the terminology used, this guide will help.

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To view our Phonics Curriculum Statement click here, 



If you wish to view our policies for reading, writing or spelling, please follow the links below

Reading Policy 

Writing Policy 

Spelling Policy 


Progression Maps

Progession is mapped through Key Stage 2 in each area of the English Curriculum

Reading Progression Map

Writing Progression Map

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation Progression Map

Spelling and Handwriting Progression Map


Curriculum Guidance

National Curriculum English Programmes of Study 

English Glossary 

English Appendix 1: Spelling

English Appendix 2: Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation


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The school was inspected by Ofsted in May 2022. The school continues to be rated as a good school.

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