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Cultural Capital at Spire Junior School


What is Cultural Capital?

Cultural Capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a child can draw upon and which demonstrated their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients a child will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work.

Cultural Capital promotes social mobility and success.

Cultural Capital gives a child power. It helps them achieve goals, become successful and rise up the social ladder without necessarily having wealth or financial capital.

Cultural Capital is having assets that give children the desire to aspire and achieve social mobility whatever their starting point.

Policy Rationale

At Spire Junior School, we recognise that for children to aspire and be successful academically and in the wider areas of their lives, they need to be given rich and sustained opportunities to develop their Cultural Capital.

  1. Social Development
  2. Spiritual Development
  3. Moral Development
  4. Cultural Development
  5. British Values.

Summary of the key areas of coverage for each of the Cultural Capital developments:

Social Development

  1. P.S.H.E provision.
  2. Volunteering and charitable work e.g. raising funds for Children in Need, partaking in Shoe Aid.
  3. Pupil Voice- School Council
  4. Child and family support worker support.
  5. Pastoral support from all staff.
  6. The use of KAGAN cooperative learning.
  7. Residential, trips and visitors.

Spiritual Development

  1. The Religious Education curriculum.
  2. Visits to religious buildings and centres.
  3. Celebrating world festivals.
  4. Recognition of good attendance.

Moral Development

  1. The School Behaviour Policy and use of restorative conversations.
  2. Contributions to local, national and international charitable projects.
  3. Mini- Police.
  4. The School Anti-Bullying Policy.
  5. Gold award assemblies.
  6. Trauma Informed School.
  7. Attachment Aware Award.
  8. E.L.S.A, Nurture and Drawing and Talking therapy.

Cultural Development

  1. Citizenship education through P.S.H.E.
  2. Arts education including Music and Drama as part of our ‘Create’ summer term project.
  3. Chatsworth Art Project.
  4. Visits to theatres, museums, galleries, and restaurants.
  5. Studying the local community as part of our Geography curriculum.


Each curriculum area makes its own contribution to children’s Cultural Capital development and supports each of the above strands.

Click here to view our evidence document for cultural capital. 



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