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Well done to our Year 6 Forest School group who have worked tirelessly to resdesign the area next to Miss Carter's Clasroom. We are very proud of your efforts and determination. 

A huge well done to 2 of our Year 6 pupils who completed the 'Summer Reading Challenge'. They each read an impressive 6 books over the holidays. Here they are collecting their prize from our vending machine. They were even congratulated by author Onjali Rauf herself. 

How wonderful is this? Bringing in her Great Grandad's war medals to showcase to the class. 


Mea was very excited to share with everyone her stamp design to enter the national competition. Fingers crossed her Sir Captain Tom Moore wins. 

Well done to Year 5 for creating these complex geometric patterns that are seen within the Islamic religion and reflect infinity. 

We are super proud of these dragon shield designs made by our Year 4 children. They look great displayed down our corridors. 


Our Year 3 children have been working hard to mirror the work of Antoni Gaudi with a twist. They have produced fabulous mosaics and even created their own tiles to take home!

It is important that we realise we are not the experts at everything. So this week, Islam was invited to lead our whole school assembly all about Eid. He was an absolute star talking about his relgion and Eid al-Fitr. 

Our Year 6 children are thoroughly enjoying their photography work this term. How good are these photographs? Great work!

Year 5 have been studying sculptures this term. One of our Year 5 pupils arrived at school with this home-made sculplture which represents that different shapes, colours and sizes don't matter when it comes to friendship. 

Lily has been truly superb in every single Maths lesson and she has thoroughly enjoyed finding fractions of amounts.

 Year 5 looked at 'Another Place' by Antony Gormley. For this piece, Antony Gormley used his own body to recreate100 human-esque sculptures using concrete, iron and clay. These were all place at Crosby Beach where they stared eerily out to sea. Year 5 recreated their own version of this famous piece. 

Exceptional work Year 5 with your abstract clay sculptures. Ananya's cube design particularly caught our eye. 

Well done to all those children who took part in the 'Lily Hammond 28 Day Drawing Challenge'. It is great to see some of your sketches here: 

Lily Hammond Art 28 day drawing challenge 2021 - YouTube


Asaria made her own face masks during lockdown. Great work!

Wow! Here is an amazing mosaic volcano made by Amelia (Y3). 

Josh in Year 3 has secured himself with a pen licence for his immaculate handwriting. 

Two Year 3 children, Beth and Amelia, carried out extra learning at home by researching facts on 'The Spitfire'. 

Well Done Nevaeh for your winning Pudsey Bear entry. 

Here is the winning 'Smoke-Free School' poster that has now been printed onto perspex sheets and put around our site. 

Year 4 worked exceptionally hard on their Ancient Egyptian newspaper articles.

Year 6 have showcased their learning on the Ancient Greeks by creating double page spreads. Georgie-Leigh's was both informative and well-presented. 

Here is our winning 'Wizard and Witches' drawing for an online competition. A signed book is on its way to you Scarlett (Y6). 

Great Calendars Year 4. Here is Nevaeh flying up, up and away. 


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