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Science stimulates and excites pupils’ curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them; it also satisfies their curiosity with knowledge.  Because Science directly links practical experience with ideas and concepts, it can engage learners at many levels with first-hand experiences.  Through our Science teaching and learning, pupils develop their respect for the world around them (both the natural and man-made aspects of our environment) and learn how to appreciate our varied planet.

Science is taught at Spire Junior School following the programme of study within the 2014 National Curriculum.



  • To provide our children with skills-based and knowledge-rich experiences linked to Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths (STEM subjects)
  • To develop a love of Science learning within our pupils, with an appreciation of how much science impacts on everyday life.
  • To engage pupils as learners at many levels through linking ideas with practical experience;
  • To help pupils to learn to question and discuss scientific issues that may affect their own lives;
  • To help pupils develop their ‘working scientifically’ skills in order for them to ask, action and evaluate their own enquiries;
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle in our pupils;
  • To broaden the children’s understanding of science through visits, use of the outdoors and visitors to school from STEM backgrounds

Science is taught at Spire Junior School following the programme of study within the 2014 National Curriculum.

If you would like to find out more, click here for our Science Policy.

Science At Home

Here are some websites you may wish to explore to develop your science knowledge at home. There are a range of online ctivities as well as ideas for experiments to complete at home!


Science Partnership

To engage our children even further with their scientific learning, we work closely alongside Parkside Secondary School's science department. We are fortunate enough to take part in visits up to their school, take part in science competitions with the cluster schools and have expert scientists come to visit us because of this. This work is mainly for Years 5 and 6, as this helps to ready our children for their transition to Secondary education.


Science Week 2021          -          Innovating For The Future!

This year's national Science Week theme was 'Innovating for the Future. Luckily, this year, Science Week fell in March, just as our school community returned to us after lockdown. All of our classes enjoyed taking part in activities and experiments in their first week back to school! 

Some of the activities we took part in included:

  • Taking part in the British Science Week Poster Competition.
  • Learning about real-life scientists and what their jobs include.
  • Investigating how to grow mould, how to reduce friction, how to reduce the impact of air resistance and finding the best way to filter dirty water.
  • Took part in PE and sport activities linked to our Real PE scheme of work.




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