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Sports Day at Spire 2021 

Sports Day has looked very differently this year at Spire, due to the restrictions in place as a result of the Covid pandemic. Although there were no spectators and year groups could not mix, the children still had a fabulous morning competing in many events to gain points for their coloured team. Events included: sprint and relay races, tug of war, three-legged race and javelin. 


Health and Well-being with Liam from SHAPE

 The children had the opportunity to develop on previous knowledge as well as find out some interesting facts all related to our health and well-being with Liam from SHAPE. The children completed a variety of activities to get them moving and then they were questioned on what had happened during the exercise. They looked at what food they need in order to remain healthy and to help them after exercising. All children in Spire accessed this fabulous learning opportunity. Thank you, Liam.


Bikeability - Level 2


This year’s Level 2 Bikeability was a major success. We had 36 children from both Year 5 and 6 participate. They completed a range of tasks on the playground before eventually being invited to complete their training on the roads around the school to learn how to ride their bikes safely. The feedback was brilliant, and all of the children looked fantastic! We hope you use your training whilst out on your bikes!

Bikeability - Level 1

21.04.2021/22.04.2021 - Year 3 children participated in Level 1 bikeability on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The children learnt how to carefully control their bike (without stabilisers), signal, look behind them and go between small areas. The children were praised by Inclusive Pedals (who run the session) for their maturity, listening skills and control. 
Ignite Movement

31.03.2021 - In order to get the children moving more after the long lockdown, India from SHAPE came into school and delivered a fun and exciting session where the children were constantly on the go for half an hour and learnt to work nicely as a team. The children completed a variety of exercises and activities which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children in every class completed this activity and the feedback was excellent.

Y3/4 Hockeyfest

Throughout the day, and in their class bubbles, the children were taught a variety of skills related to hockey. They had the opportunity to use hockey sticks, and learnt how to hold them correctly. They participated in a variety of games that assisted to learn how to dribble, change direction with the ball and how to pass amongst their peers with control and ease. 

Y5/6 Racketfest
In classes children worked on learning how to control the ball with a racket. They learnt how to bounce a ball on the racket, control it whilst bouncing it on the floor and learning how to gently hit the ball with aim. 
Y5/6 Hockeyfest

In class bubbles, children completed tasks around hockey. They learnt how to dribble with the stick, controlled passing and having control whilst moving. They learnt these skills through a variety of games and learnt how to work nicely as a team.

Y3/4 Funfest

Funfest was as it says in the title, pure FUN! In groups we learnt how to work together successfully whilst playing games. We worked together as a team and encouraged each other in how to be successful at the game. We also added a little bit of competition to develop the game and their skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that Liam from SHAPE offered them. The best thing was they were learning to catch, bounce and pass without even knowing it!!

SHAPE Learning Partnership

20.08.2020 - Crowned the district winners for @YourSchoolGames virtual challenges. We are incredibly proud of ourselves and won a £200 voucher to spend on new equipment.

Beat the street!

The fun has begun! We had Libby in from Beat the Street for assembly on 26.02.2020 to explain to our great children how Beat the Street will work. All children seemed energised and excited to get started which is amazing.

How to play:

  1. Use the Beat the Street map to find the beat boxes.
  2. Tap the box using your fob or card, it will make a noise or light up (one is right by the top gate of school).
  3. In order to get your points you have to make it to another box within the hour.

POINTS MEAN PRIZES! As this is being released, we are at number 28, so we need to step it up (literally). Get yourselves active, get out and about, get finding all the beat boxes.

Parents - the cards need registering online using the website that is on the front of the card. You’ve got to fill in all the details - link it to:


In order for us and you to gain extra points, there is a health survey that needs completing - you will earn yourself 100 POINTS! The survey is simple and takes a matter of minutes (I promise).

Get yourselves active, get out and about around Chesterfield.

Springfest (Y4/5/6)

On 07.02.2020, 18 Y4/5/6 children took a little trek up to Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club where we took part in an amazing event full of great activities. The children did things from archery to blind fold leading, shuttle runs to bullseye launching. There were so many great activities ran by selected children from Parkside (who were very good at their roles). All the children taken to the event represented the school brilliantly and even won 42 teamwork tokens! So proud. Well done everyone.

Santa Dash

Thursday 12th December we completed a mad Santa Dash around our school. The children were encouraged to dress in festive clothes and complete either a 3km or 5km run. The children were excellent at encouraging one another and setting challenges to complete in the time that we were outside in the cold. All staff members joined in too either running, walking or supporting children all the way. It was an excellent event that was well received by the children. BRAVO everyone!

Sportshall Athletics Competition

Tuesday 10th December saw our first inter competition where the three Year 3/4 classes went up against each other in sportshall athletics. We have been working on our athletic skills throughout the term and it was time to put it to the test against one another, where we cheered on our team mates regardless if they were in our class or not. The events that we participated in were: the balancer - Concentration, control, stability – who can last the longest, speed bouncer – how many jumps could they do in 30 seconds, launcher - How far can throw a javelin, Runner - Rapid runs down the hall – how many shuttle runs can do in 30 seconds, Striker - How many pins can knock down in 1 go, Pitcher - Testing hand eye coordination, throw 4 bean bags into hoops where you could score either 25, 50, 75 or 100 points per bean bag, Hurdles - How many can get over in 30 seconds without knocking any down and finally tag relay – quick sprints down the hall to a team mate. It was a brilliant event and even though we had 90 children in the hall, they were EXCELLENT! 


Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th November saw the Ruggereds team join Spire Junior for two whole mornings. During this time the children participated in lots of fun games to assist with learning all about Rugby. They had to dodge balls, dodge each other during tag rugby, learn how to find a space so they weren't tagged and caught out by their opponents. All children loved the mornings with many wondering if they would be able to participate more. The team were great with the children and we want to thank them for taking their time to come and teach us.


Throughout the day on Monday 21st October, Ian from Wingerworth Fencing Club came in to give us a taster session as to what fencing is all about. Every child in the school had the opportunity to participate in this event where they got to wear proper gear, learnt how to stand, how to approach their opponent and how to hit their target properly. They had a few games in their half an hour sessions and the children were very excited by this opportunity that they received.


On Thursday 17th October, 14 Y3 and Y4 went to Hasland Hall to show off the new skills they learnt with John Nash the previous week and develop some more. The children went geared up with their shin pads and gum shields and learnt how to defend, pass, shoot and attack. The children were really engaged with all aspects of the sport and won 7 passion tokens! John teaches on a Wednesday night at St.Mary's Secondary School at 6pm for anyone wishing to further develop their skills.


We were lucky to receive some fantastic training from John Nash at Chesterfield Hockey Club on the morning of Wednesday 9th October. We learnt how to hold a proper hockey stock, dribble the ball, have control of the ball when moving, passing and stopping correctly by using the stick. All the children had a brilliant time and many were interested in joining the club. Our skills developed quickly through teaching of skills through games. We would like to thank John for his time this morning.


On Monday 7th October, after school, 14 year 5 and 6s embarked on a journey in the minibus to Dronfield Henry Fanshawe. We entered an event called Racketfest, where we learnt skills to do with badminton, tennis and table tennis. Within each sport there were four activities that we rotated round. Activities such as hand eye coordination work, aiming, passing, bouncing, competing, keeping active and many more. All the children that I was lucky enough to take along joined in brilliantly and ended up receiving 7 determination tokens and 13 self-belief tokens.


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