What our Visitors Say

David Bowlder — STEM Ambassador  27.06.2023


This is my second visit to this fantastic school. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. 


Claire —  Head of Finance Risk Management at Capital One UK. 6.6.23


I was overwhelmed with how engaged the children were during my recent visit to the school, they asked really insightful questions and listened really well to the presentation. The behaviour was brilliant, everyone raised their hands to answer or ask a question and came in and out of the room sensibly. I could tell that the children were enjoying themselves and clearly had respect for their teachers and visitors. Everyone I spoke to was polite and enthusiastic, it felt like a great place to be’.


PC Stephenson and PC Starkie 


We really enjoyed meeting the kids and showing them what we do! It was great to see them so interested in the police. Hope we can come again soon. 


Antonia Debell- Lee- 12/12/2022


I really enjoyed learning from the children at their WW2 Quiz event, they seem to have really enjoyed this topic and are exceptionally knowledgeable. 


Mr Forbes-Jones  - PGCE Student Sheffield University  - 24/01/2022

 Spire Juniors have made my training so enjoyable. It is such a great environment for growth. 


Penny Wheeler  - Deputy Headteacher Hillborough Junior School  - 22/01/2022

 Spire Juniors is a welcoming and friendly school where the staff make you feel incredibly comfortable and included. It has a wealth of amazing resources and the passion for learning is clear in every classroom, every display and every space used. It’s somewhere I’d highly recommend you visit if you get the chance.


PC Craig Dawes - Derbyshire Police - TV Traffic Cops - 22/01/2022

             Great kids. Pleasure to visit the school.


Michelle Shooter - Assistant Chief Constable - 23/11/2021 

            Brilliant atmosphere and great kids. Really pleased to open the mini-police here at Spire. Thanks.


Sarah Robbins - Derbyshire Police - 23/11/2021 

           The best school ever! Thank you for inviting us in :) 


Steve Wilson - Derbyshire Police - 23/11/2021 

          Mini- Police attestation- brilliant! What a great example for all schools and communities. 


 Caroline Allen - Member of the Public - 16/10/2021 

            It's fab to see your school is not just about 'boring lessons'. You believe in enriching the whole child, not just their brains. It may only be a small thing like singing, hot chocolate and cake etc but your students get to make such fantastic memories on their school journey. Well Done!


John Bryant— Headteacher at Arthur Bugler — 21/09/2021

A fantastic day learning all about the amazing work at Spire Junior where children really are the focus! A school with a wonderful family atmosphere built on relationships and community! Led by the inpirational Dave Shaw with an incredible team!


Darren Parkinson— Chesterfield Community Trust — 25/05/2021

Brilliantly happy environment to come into. Polite, respectful children - an absolute pleasure. 


Kerry Fernandez — The Devonshire Educational Trust at Chatsworth — 22/05/2021

 Spire Juniors is a friendly and enthusiastic school.  The children always look happy to be there and all of the staff are energetic and positive.  With huge support and hard work from the staff and Headteacher, this school is a wonderful environment to learn in.


Sarah — Pathways Chesterfield — 18/05/2021

I have loved being in your school as the children were genuinely really interested and engaged in what I was talking to them about. The blankets are amazing and they will be so useful for the homeless, I believe they will be snapped up within days!


Amelia Parkinson — Building Sound Minds — 18/05/2021

This school has been so accommodating for my visits. All staff are so friendly and have been great! 


Matt Allwright — Presenter BBC Teaching Awards — 10/11/2020

What a wonderful, warm and friendly school. Congratulations to you all. x 


Hannah Troughton — BBC — 10/11/2020

Such a warm welcoming and happy place! Teachers and children have been so kind and helpful. 


Dan Donnelly — BBC — 10/11/2020

What amazing teachers and what well behaved pupils. It has been a pleasure to be here today. 


Millie Golding— Nurse at Chesterfield Royal Hospital — 12/05/2020

Wow! We were overwhelemd by the kind words and support from the children at Spire Junior School. Thank you so much for the cards! On a tough long day at work, seeing those is just what you need to put a smile on your face. 


Joanne Walker — Parent

I would like to take a minute to thank you for the invitation to your assembly this morning. I feel it is so important to celebrate our children“s successes and I am a proud parent today. I saw first hand what an incredible bond your school has with it“s pupils and you should be proud of that. Keep doing what you“re doing as you are setting the bar extremely high. 


Open Day for Primary Colleagues

Emma Genders 27/2/2020

What an inspiring school to visit! Your staff and children have been so friendly and welcoming!

Lyndsey Grogan 27/2/2020

Wow — What a brilliant school to experience! Lots of food for thought. Thank you!

Sharon Weston 27/2/2020

Feeling inspired — lots of ideas! Lovely, friendly staff and children. Keep up the good work!

Ian Roberts 27/2/2020

Thank you to all staff and pupils for an informative and inspiring morning. Your children are a credit to your school and they are lucky to have such welcoming and supportive staff! Thank you. 


Geoff Leyland — School Improvement Advisor — 19/11/2018

What a pleasure to visit such a vibrant school. The children are an absolute delight, so welcoming. Pass on my best wishes to everyone for their hard work and dedication. 



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