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A very warm welcome to our school website, we hope you enjoy viewing our pages which are regularly updated with news and events from in and around our school community.

Spire Junior School is very proud of its friendly environment. We have 165 pupils aged 7-11.

We have exceptionally high expectations of every child in our school and we encourage them to excel not only in their academic work but also in other aspects of their school life. The development of children’s social, emotional and citizenship skills is as treasured as their growing appreciation and demonstration of sporting, musical and artistic prowess. Our very good academic results do not on their own show the true extent of the experiences and successes which Spire Junior School children can expect.

We place great importance on an active partnership between home and school and we believe that only through working closely with parents and carers will we be able to achieve the best for our children.

Mr Dave Shaw


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Latest News

08 Nov 2018

Y5 Victorian Day

On Monday the Year Five children took part in a Victorian day. Throughout the day the children looked at a range of aspects of Victorian life including school life, differences between the rich and poor and Victorian toys and games. During their school session, the children were taught by a Victorian teacher who showed them how dull and harsh school life was during the Victoria era. The children had hands on experience with a range of artefacts, when looking at life as a servant, and used the green screen to act out the roles of the rich and poor. The children loved playing with the Victorian toys and tried out a range of popular parlour games.

The children will now use these experiences to feed into their learning for the next few weeks ready for the Victorian Emporium on Friday 7th December. We look forward to seeing you all there.


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10 Oct 2018

Black History Month

On Friday 5th October, we were very lucky to have two visitors from Chesterfield ACCA. ( African & Caribbean Community Association) Lud Ramsey and Beverly Powell gave a very interesting and informative talk as part of Black History Month. The focus of the talk was the Windrush Generation and Lud and Beverly explained the contribution that has been made by people, who came to Britain, after the Second World War. The children asked lots of questions and they were also able to handle medals and even an MBE, that Beverly received from the Queen. We thank them for giving up their time and sharing their experiences with the children.



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08 Oct 2018

Mental Health Ambassadors

We are excited to announce that we are now a mental health awareness school. Six of our pupils took part in a training day at Chesterfield’s Proact Stadium to learn about the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now that our children have successfully completed the training to become Anti-Stigma Mental Health Ambassadors their role within school is to spread the word about mental health.

It is very distressing that 1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem and sadly 90% of those young people will experience stigma and discrimination. Stigma stops people from seeking help; it stops them living normal lives and may even result in them giving up on their hopes and dreams.

We are extremely passionate about the Anti-Stigma campaign and we are working hard to change things for the better. We want young people who experience any mental health problems to receive support and understanding from those around them. We are aware that attitudes are formed at a young age, and through this work and the help of our Anti-Stigma Ambassadors we want to prevent young people developing negative attitudes towards people with mental health problems. We want young people to grow up knowing that it’s ok to talk about mental health and to have the confidence to do so.

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27 Sep 2018

Y3 Ancient Egyptian Day

Year 3 Ancient Egyptian Day

What an absolute joy it was to be able to teach our pupils in an inspirational way today. The whole day consisted of a number of hands on activities to develop a number of key skills such as; independent work, using ICT, drawing techniques, listening skills and team work. We set up a variety of activities for the children to have ‘taster sessions’ to learn some facts about Ancient Egypt. The activities included:

* Entering a tomb by crawling through a tunnel to reach the inner chamber – here the children had the opportunity to read facts, look at the paintings on the tomb walls, speak to a Pharaoh and hold a question and answer session.

* Build like an Egyptian – the children used a variety of ‘building materials’ to create a pyramid - they had a choice of using Duplo bricks, sand or biscuits.

* Draw like an Egyptian – the children were tasked with recreating an ancient Egyptian style drawing using grids to enlarge a smaller drawing.

* Making a cartouche – using the ancient form of writing called hieroglyphs each child used the ancient symbols to write their name on the oval shaped cartouche.

* Using IPads – the children used QR codes to access facts about pyramids, mummification, farming, hieroglyphs and much more.

* Mummification process – in this activity the children had to read instructions about the process an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s body was put through after death. The children used a small scale dummy of an Ancient Egyptian – they were able to remove the brains and internal organs then match each body part to the canopic jar as well as wrap the mummy in bandages.

To complete the day the children were set a challenge to ‘mummify’ one of their team members in five minutes using toilet roll. This was a great end to the day which the children enjoyed. To add to the pleasure of the day our parents were invited to their first parent’s morning – we’d like to say a huge thank you for your support and participation. It was also wonderful to see so many children dressed as an Ancient Egyptian for the day. We want to thank you for taking the time and making so much effort with the children’s costumes. You helped to make your children’s learning fun and exciting.

The year 3 team

Mrs Cooper, Mr Davis and Mr James

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